This is a blog dedicated to the fangame HetaOni (ヘタ鬼).

Because of the nature of the game, this will contain a lot of blood in photos and such, so please be aware of this when looking around! Also will contain character death at times.

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Anonymous said: Is this blog dead? ;_;

Umm well, honestly a bit but not 100% dead! I mean, I personally haven’t really liked Hetalia for a few years now. I at least tried to put nice HetaOni things here, but now I really only do it when silly things pop up on my main dashboard. Yes….that is sad…but I don’t do it on purpose. :’C


Holy Rome is a lot like Hetaoni

no matter how long we wait, it’s never gonna come back

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Anonymous said: Hey could you guys be dears and take off all of the mmd pictures of HetaOni English demo? Pianodream has requested it and will not put up game downloads because of mmd pictures going around. I don't want to sound stupid or trolling but I would like to download the game and so do a lot of people but we can't do that unless if all the mmd pictures are off. Sorry!

Please see this post where I answered the same thing in detail.

But the answer is still no, since I never posted any myself. Sorry if that is rude.

Anonymous said: so i went to youtube and open hetaoni game walkthrough that's in japanese and saw a comment that said " new chapters of hetaoni will be release in april 2013 " is this true or false ?

This is false! At this point in time, I don’t think it will ever be updated, sadly. There has been no news of it for years.








My stupidity…Sheesh…

Anonymous said: Can you please take down all the pictures of the in-game MMD CGs you have on this blog? The creator of the english version (Pianodream) took down the download because everyone was posting the MMD images, and she won't allow downloads until people have taken them down and stopped posting them.. This kind of sucks for people like me who haven't played the game yet.... :'(

Sorry but no, I am not. First of all the pictures were not actually posted by me. I am not a fan of that game at all. Second that had been done over the years, I don’t have enough time in my life to go through my entire blog for things other people have reblogged because one person is throwing a hissy fit. Any MMD HetaOni materially that I have put up myself is from other people, not PianoDreams. I really don’t support her in what she is doing anyhow so I am ignoring her game and her rude posts (which I am not going into further detail on. When this fiasco originally happened she said some horrible things and when proven wrong just flipped out). 

Sorry if that comes off as rude, that is not my intentions. 

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